Who We Are

Our Passion

We draw our passion for the outdoors from our grandmother, legendary Minnesota northwoods pioneer Justine Kerfoot.

Justine fell in love with the Minnesota outdoors, specifically the Gunflint Trail, where she owned the Gunflint Lodge from the 1920’s through the 1960’s.  She learned how to hunt, trap, fish, guide, dog sled, and survive in the wilderness from the Native Americans.

As she began to transform the resort from a seasonal fishing camp to a year-round business, she learned how to build log cabins, install plumbing, market the property, and survive a fire burning down the main lodge building in the middle of the peak summer season. Along the way she went from writing a newsletter to past guests to writing for the local newspaper for 40 years. Her curious mind and resourcefulness often got her into as much trouble as it got her out of trouble. Justine’s stories usually started with a twinkle in her eye and a guilty smile, and ended with the listener laughing at the outcome.

Today, Justine Kerfoot’s legendary love of adventure lives on in many ways, one of which is the outdoor adventures experienced by our guests, allowing them to explore and connect with nature as they fly through the woods and valleys on our zip line tour. After experiencing one of our outdoor adventures, we hope you have a twinkle in your eye and a huge smile!

Sign at kerfoot canopy tours explaining the difficulty of the lines.

Our Mission

We promote passion for the outdoors by enabling guests to experience, explore and connect with nature through active, exciting adventures.

Our Location

A short getaway from the Minneapolis, MN! You’ll get here in no time but feel worlds away from the Twin Cities.

30200 Scenic Byway
Henderson, MN 56044

Drive Times:
From Eden Prairie: 35 minutes
From Mankato: 40 minutes
From Downtown Minneapolis: 50 minutes

Kerfoot Canopy Tour Location Map